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C137 - Seed
C137 - Seed
Lithops hookeri v. marginata C137.Pinkish with indented green windows. Location - East of Hopetown, South Africa.
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Welcome to Oz Lithops


Our last stock take update for 2018 will take place this week (the first week of July) and whilst we will have some of the difficult to obtain cultivars, most are in small numbers. Our next update will take place at the end of the year, after harvest.

Our shipping times have also changed. To be posted on the first Monday, your order must now be placed by 5pm Wednesday in lieu of Friday as we are having difficulty in processing orders that are being placed late Friday afternoon. Please make yourself familiar with our shipping by reading the information under “Shipping rates”.

As you will already know, we restrict the number of packets of the rarer seed that any one person can buy and these restrictions are noted in the description. In the past, some people have placed an order containing seeds that are restricted and then placed a second (or even third) order that also contains the same seeds so as to obtain more than we allow. This is not fair on others as many people miss out.

Please take note: If you place more than one order and the subsequent order(s) contain the SAME restricted seed, all your subsequent orders placed within two weeks of this stock take update WILL BE CANCELLED and your funds returned, no exceptions.

As mentioned for the past three months, the following changes are in place and we ask that you please comply with these changes otherwise we will not be able to fill your order:

We are no longer able to post to a shipping address other than that shown on your PayPal transaction notification - If you use a third party shipping company (EG Live Outdoors) then you must ensure your shipping address at Oz Lithops matches exactly with the shipping address shown in PayPal. If you place an order where your shipping address at Oz Lithops does not match your PayPal shipping address, your order will be cancelled and your funds returned. (You are able to have more than one shipping address in your PayPal account so we suggest that you place an address in your PayPal account to reflect the address you want your order shipped to and select that when paying via PayPal.)

Your name and address MUST be in English both in the account you create at Oz Lithops AND in your PayPal shipping address. We cannot ship to an address that is in any other language as Australia Post requires documents to be completed in English only. You may add your name/address in any other language in the "comments" section of your order and we will place this alongside the English version on your package. (Please tell us that this is the shipping address in another language, we can only read English)


On this site you will find enough information to show you that Lithops are neither too difficult to grow or too expensive to try.


Check out our catalogue pages to see what is currently available.


Don't forget to see our 'Specials!' listing, you might be surprised!


If you are looking for any information, please have a look at the "Information" panel on the left hand side before emailing us with questions, thank you.


Our plants are available to Australian customers only. Please ensure you are aware of any quarantine restrictions applicable to your State or Country as we cannot provide any certification. Thank You.




 We accept payment via PayPal for ALL orders.